Our Suppliers

Find out more about who we get our produce from.

Croft 16 Scourie

Overlooking Scourie beach, croft 16 is run by Pete and Gill Tuck.  Thier croft produces some amazing produce for us, everything from free range eggs to the little known Khol Rhabi. We collect it freshly harvested every monday ready to pack your boxes.

 We love working with Pete and Gill as they are very passionate about what they grow and start early in the season, tehy are also hoping for some local pasnips and brussel sprouts for Christmas. 

Have a look at the on faceboook just search Croft 16!

Scourie Lodge

On the oposite shore to Croft 16, Scourie Lodge is run by Elisabeth and Angus. With a beautiful walled garden teaming with plants and an amazing woodland out the back that they kindly let the school use, they have a love of gardening and provide us with amazing hearbs and rhubarb. We espcisally love when there are some spare raspberries we can pop in your box as a suprise!