Our Reusable crates are perfect for having your fruit and veg delivered in. 

Pay the £10 deposit for your first crate and your fruit and vegetables will be delivered every time you order. 

If you decide not to use the service anymore just return your crate in good condition and we will refund the deposit. 

Re-useable Wooden Crate

  • We know that everything comes under some wear and tear. Our boxes should be tough enough to withstand many fruit and veg deliveries, even in our Scottish weather. If your box becomes damaged through normal use we will repair or replace it for you free of charge. 

    If the box is returned to us in a good state then we will refund the £10 deposit.

    The boxes are not intended for any other uses and if they are returned in an unusable state or damaged by improper use then we reserve the right to keep the £10 deposit to fund another box.